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Siop Gymunedol / HAVARDS / Community Shop

22nd November. The Havards Community Project is still underway. The Committee has some new members, and we believe we now have more time and a little more financial flexibility to try and reach a workable solution. It has been heartening to get local community encouragement to continue the project following our initial conclusion on its viability.  We will continue to keep you posted via this website and as soon as we have something more tangible to say we will be calling another public meeting.

LATEST: 26th October 2021.  Statement from the Havards Committee. As reported here, a project to buy Havards and run it as a community hardware store has been underway over the past 4 months. Much work has been going on in the background and many of you have pledged money as loans or shares in the project. The response in terms of pledges has been tremendous and demonstrates just how important Havards is to the local community and visitors and indeed the pledges at the time of writing have just reached the target of £240,000.

However, as we proceeded, we have found it extremely challenging to produce a viable business plan in the time available. As we apply due diligence to the plan we are unable at present to find a way to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. We also need to ensure that we can see a way forward to pay the promised interest and dividend and also, when the time comes, to repay loans and shares.

Therefore it has been decided to withdraw from the purchase. As a committee we are disappointed we could not make it work but it is important that we take responsible decisions that are in the interests of those who were willing to invest. Siop Havards Committee.

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Pledges received (25th Oct 2021)


Havards store is a traditional Ironmongers shop dating back to 1840. It is a vital asset for the Community of Trefdraeth, and the many visitors. But the current owner has been unable to find someone to take the shop over, and is likely to shut it down if a way cannot be found to keep it open.

A local initiative is underway to set up a Community Benefit Society to purchase and to run Havards as a Community Shop

We need to raise approximately £240,000 in the form of loans or share sales. We then plan to apply for a matching grant from the UK Community Ownership Fund

We need your help! We need offers of loans (interest paid!) or share purchase (dividends and vote!)


This initiative launched in June 2021 with some excellent support from Planed with local and national press releases. It was featured on National S4C programme ”HENO”.

The funds raised will allow the scheme to purchase the Havards Shop for the community and have sufficient funding for renovations and improvements.

There are now many communities across the country ensuring that local shops are kept open through community purchase. Support has been sought from the Plunkett Foundation, Coop Wales and Planed. Please see the following link:

Share purchase and loans

Why support us?

It's a good investment! Community Shares are an excellent way to support this community venture, you will have a voting voice and help to keep a vital part of the history of the town and an essential community facility open.

Help the Community

Play your part in our community - the shop will save trips further afield, at a time when we need to reduce unnecessary travel. Shops are at the heart of any small town, servicing needs and helping bring people together.

Why else should I invest in Havards?

Here's where you can not only get a good return, but play your part in sustaining a vital facility. We hope the many visitors to Newport, who return time and again, will also consider investing.