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Siop Gymunedol / HAVARDS / Community Shop

East Street, Trefdraeth, Sir Benfro. SA42 0SY. 01239 820300
OPEN: Monday-Saturday 9am to 5:30pm

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29th May: Our Volunteer Co-ordinator has resigned. We are now advertising for a replacement. Please see our JOBS page.

Our first ever AGM took place on Monday 22nd May, led by our chair.
Total attendance exceeded 75 members both online and in the hall. All the ballots passed, and reports were made on our good progress. We will report on this in detail in our next newsletter - thanks to all who attended.
URGENT: New treasurer is needed. See last newsletter dated 6th May.
Volunteers - we still need help in the shop. Please register here.
Share Certificates:  We are working on a design. but they were not ready for collection at the AGM due to printing delays.
SITR: (Social Investment Tax Relief).  We still await clarification from HMRC.

6th May: The latest newsletter is published.

29th November: Our first day trading! We completed the purchase on 26th November 2022. We have been delighted with the reception from the customers who have been into the shop. You will often meet one of the Committee if you go into the shop.

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Havards now has hanging baskets

Havards Community Shop has hanging baskets for the summer

First Community Owned Hardware Shop in Britain!

We started trading on 26th November. We are advised that this is the first ever Community Owned Hardware Shop in Britain. We have just heard that we have been successful in our application for the COF fund (see this newsletter). This is excellent news as we will be able to fully implement the plans for growth to support both the community and a viable trading business

Become a member: You can still become a member of the Community Benefit Society that owns Havards as we are still accepting investments.

About Havards

Havards store is a traditional Ironmongers shop dating back to 1840. It is a vital asset for the Community of Trefdraeth, and the many visitors. But the owner was unable to find someone to take the shop over and it was likely that it would be shut it down if a way was not found to keep it open.

Our chair, Clive, ready to serve you

Our chair, Clive, ready to serve you

We have set up a Community Benefit Society to purchase and to run Havards as a Community Shop. The name of this society is Siop Havards Gymunedol Tydrath (SHGT). There is more information on the ABOUT US page.

Our business plan requires us to raise approximately £475,000, and this will come from share sales, grants and loans. It looks as if we may be there, at least in the short term, and we have purchased the shop.

Thanks to everyone who purchased shares and made investments!


This initiative launched in June 2021 with some excellent support from Planed with local and national press releases. It was featured on National S4C programme ”HENO”.

The funds raised have allowed us to purchase the Havards Shop for the community. Our next stage is to plan renovations and improvements, to ensure we have a viable buillding and business.

Photo of our launch event

Our team put up a new banner for the Share Launch on 30th May!

There are now many communities across the country ensuring that local shops are kept open through community purchase. We obtained support from the Plunkett Foundation (we are now a member!), Coop Wales and Planed. Please see the following link:

Share purchase

This is a summary of the share purchase scheme which was launched on 30th May 2022. The full and definitive version is the share offer document (now available!)

Why support us?

It's a good investment! Community Shares are an excellent way to support this community venture, you will have a voting voice and help to keep a vital part of the history of the town and an essential community facility open.

Help the Community

Play your part in our community - the shop will save trips further afield, at a time when we need to reduce unnecessary travel. Shops are at the heart of any small town, servicing needs and helping bring people together.

Why else should I invest in Havards?

Here's where you can not only get a good return, but play your part in sustaining a vital facility. We hope the many visitors to Newport, who return time and again, will also consider investing.