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Press Release - 16th August 2021

Public Meeting

The Public Meeting on 30th July

From: Cris Tomos
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 at 09:12
Subject: Press Release – 16/08/2021 : Locals looking to buy an Ironmongers shop in Newport. Pembrokeshire.

To: Media Contacts Cris Tomos

The community shop project in Newport, Pembrokeshire known as Siop Havards has gained great momentum over the first few weeks of launching the initiative.

The volunteers involved in developing the project wish to purchase the Havards Ironmongers shop in Newport to ensure the shop is kept open. Committee chairman Adrian Varney noted “We are asking people to fill in a pledge form to buy £200 community shares or giving a community loan to the project that was launched in July”

The project has currently received pledges to the value of £163,400 within a few weeks.

Internal view

Adrian Varney and Cris Tomos

Cris Tomos of PLANED who has supported many community asset purchases explained "There is a target of £240,000 to be raised locally to buy the shop in Newport, the list of pledges will be a great demonstration of how there is a demand to save the historic ironmongers" Cris added "The funds raised will be used to draw down match-funding from the Community Ownership Fund"

Details about the community shop project can be found on www.siophavards where a copy of the form can be downloaded.

Paper copies of the forms are available at the Havards Shop.

The next public meetings to update locals will be held at the Newport Memorial Hall on Wednesday evening the 25th of August at 6.30pm.


Contact Cris Tomos on 07974099738 or for additional information.

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